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"How the world reacted to the covid-19 crisis" -webinar


Webinar 1
Title: "How the world reacted to the covid-19 crisis"

We discussed how the world reacted to the COVID-19 crisis, especially referring to medical, social, economic, political challenges and its impact on the education system and technology progress.


Professor Istemi Demirag, is professor of accounting at TalTech in Estonia and his current research focuses on accountability and governance of Covid-19 pandemic.

Professor Jorge do Carmo António, teacher of Physics and Chemistry awarded by the European Physical Society is currently implementing the CAFE project in East Timor.

Professor Andrzej Ruciński is professor in the Engineering department at University of New Hampshire. He is visionary and system architect, global AI expert, and member of the Central European Healthcare Expo 2020 Program Council.

Dr. Małgorzata Kujawska, associate professor at Poznan University of Medical Sciences, is R&D expert in healthcare and biomedical technologies.

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